Secure payment with PayPal

We protect your data
PayPal you will not have to reveal the details of your card or your bank account when buying on the Internet; only the email address and the password. If you do not remember your access credentials, you can recover them using the security questions. If you don't remember the answers, please contact PayPal.
Charge returns
A chargeback occurs when the buyer requests the card issuer to cancel a payment already made. In this case, we will help you and inform you at all stages of the process.
We are always alert
We continuously monitor transactions to prevent fraud or phishing, and encrypt them as an added protection measure.
If suspicious activity is detected, our team of security specialists immediately takes care of it to prevent fraud.
Remember that we will never ask you for personal data by email. If you receive an email about your
PayPal account, the safest and easiest action is to open a new browser session, type in the address bar and log in to your PayPal account directly.